One thing which has not really evolved in the education system over the years is the concept of taking attendance. Be it the government schools or the high end private schools, attendance is mostly done in a manual manner. Which brings us to the question: can this be done in an efficient manner ? Can the whole concept of attendance be also used for providing a safer environment for students ?

The answer is yes. The entire process of attendance can be done in a seamless manner via RFID based access cards and it can also be used to send Email and SMS alerts to parents as the kids enter or exit the school premises, thus ensuring their safety.

Sample RFID Card

RFID Applications at Educational Institutions

RFID is a proven technology that's been around since at least the 1970s. It is being successfully used at most of the corporate offices as an access card. The same concept can be used to mark student attendance at schools and colleges. And moreover if integrated with some SMS and Email backend this can also be used to send alerts to parents.

RFID Based Attendance and tracking is a smart technological invention that has gifted parents with added confidence. Ensuring the safety of your loved ones has become easier. RFID cards provide wide variety of benefits for the education sector some of them being:

Low cost cards which can also be used as Identity Cards Completely automated attendance removing any manual work SMS alerts to parents on exit and entrance Can also be used in buses for enhanced tracking

Reasons to Rely on Better Security

Crimes against children and the kidnapping cases have been increasing year on year. 75% of the parents fear that their children might get kidnapped. Most of the victims are grabbed on the street by the kidnapper or lured to their vehicle. In order to avoid such cases, an RFID based attendance tracking system can turn out to be really effective in mitigating such issues and minimising the risks. Its high time that the schools in India start leveraging the technology in a right away and provide a safer environment to children.