Best School Managment Software For Your School

  • Make your school a smart organisation
  • Communicate effectively with parents using our Android/iOS App
  • School Managment App
  • School ERP and Student Management System
  • RFID Card Based Digital Attendance System
  • All In One School Managment Software

Our School Management Platform Features

Cloud Based Management System

Our school management system is completely cloud based. You don't need to manage any servers on school premises. Access the system from your mobile or laptop or tablet anytime.

RFID Based Attendance System

RFID card based automatic attendance system. Real time SMS Alerts to parents on Entrance and Exit from school. Replace your existing ID cards with digital RFID based ID Cards.

Attendance Machines

Raspberry PI based attendance machines in school premises to automatically log attendance and generate attendance reports. Powerful machines with automatic backup and wifi capabilities.

Attendance Reports

Automated attendance reports which can be downloaded in excel, csv and pdf format formats. View the reports on mobile or our school managment system for any time range and keep track of students.

Android App for Parents

Mobile app for parents to access all information on their mobile devices. Apply for leave through mobile app, view marks, school calendar etc.

Fee Module

School management system has specific modules for Fees and Payments. Advanced analytics on payments to keep track of pending payments.

Expense Management

School management system has specific modules for Expense Managment. Record all your expenses on the software and keep track of every single spend.

SMS Integration

The School Managment System has integration with SMS and you can send any SMS to parents within seconds directly from the portal.

Student Managment System

The School Managment System has a module for Student Management. Manage all your student data easily via our cloud based school software. The data is stored securely on our cloud servers.

Admission Enquiry

Manage all admission enquiries easily with our school managment system. Record all enquiry data and keep track of all historical enquiries and also reach out to them using inbuilt SMS integration.

E-Report Cards

Automatically generated report cards as per CBSE or any other format. Parents can access the report cards via mobile app for print them directly from our school managment system or send link via SMS.

Question Bank

Our school management system has a special module for question bank. Input questions directly on our portal and our system will randomly generate a question paper as per your needs and requirements.

Online Leave Application

Parents can directly apply for leave from the mobile app. Schools can resolve all leave applications from the school managment software and the status will be reflected on the mobile apps for the parents.

Support & Helpdesk

Parents can directly create tickets for any school related issues on the mobile app. Schools can resolve all such issues from the managment software and the status will be reflected on the mobile app.

School ERP

Our school management system acts as a next generation School ERP Software with various modules to help schools and educations institutions function smoothly. The entire platform is build in a user friendly manner.

Reports Center

Our school management system has a dedicated section for generating all possible kinds of reports on school management i.e. Attendance , Performance , Faculty Performance Reports, Expense Reports etc.

All in one school management platform to make your school a truly data driven and smart organisation

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I collect fees and other payments via CustTap School Management Software?

Yes, we have build a special module for collecting and maintaining payment records. Our system will also alert you for pending payments and in sending payment receipts to parents.

How can we use SMS for schools?

There are various use cases for SMS in schools and colleges. You can use SMS for fee alerts, attendance notifications, informing parents about results etc.

How does the pricing work?

We provide a monthly as well as yearly subscription model where we charge on per student basis. Please contact us at to learn more.

How long does it take to deploy CustTap School Software?

We are a complete cloud based solution and you can start using the product right from day one. Moreover our team will initially provide a detailed session on using our platform.

Can I use the software from my mobile?

You can use the school management software from any device provided you have an internet connection. The entire product is designed in such a way that it seamlessly works on any device.

Do you have any setting up cost or cancellation fee?

No there is no upfront setting up cost or cancellation charges. Our product works on a Saas (software as a service) model and you are only charged for what you use.

More questions?